10 Misconceptions of the Middle Eastern Conflict


The Middle Eastern Conflict is complex and information from either side of the issue presents information to best further and promote their cause.  For this reason research and fact verification is an important factor in finding a peaceful solution.

This video presentation is thought provoking and a good classroom discussion piece; it is especially useful as a starting point for students to find lines of investigation for a paper:

  • Is it true that Arab nations do not give equal rights to their Palestinian migrants?
  • Is it true that Arafat gave up on a peace offer that gave Palestinians so much of their demands?
  • Is it true that significant proportion of foreign aid is being lost to corrupt officials?
  • Is it true that Arafat had over $1b hidden in investments?
  • Is it true that the UNRWA has helped the Palestinian refugee problem to become a permanent institution?
  • How have refugee problems from other world conflicts been resolved?  Why has the Palestinian refugee problem persisted for so long?