Gideon Levy: “Gaza is the biggest cage in the world” | TVNZ

Gideon Levy

Israeli Journalist Gideon Levy was recently in New Zealand giving a public lecture.  It is sponsored by the New Zealand Solidarity Network.

An interview of him was aired on Sunday December 3.

Gideon Levy says he is trying to hold a mirror in front of Israeli people. That crimes were being perpetrated on their behalf just a few kilometers away from their homes.

His views changed when he travelled to the occupied territories.

“It looks like apartheid, feels like apartheid, it is apartheid.  It can only be described as apartheid.  The occupation is an apartheid system.”

According to Levy, a two-state solution is not possible because Israeli settlers will never be evacuated.

A one-state solution with equal rights for all is the only possible solution.

Objections to negotiating with Hamas, and others such as terrorism, and security are just, in his eyes, excuses, to allow the illegal occupation to continue.

Hamas is the choice of the Palestinian people and their choice should be respected.

To him, letting Palestinians in the occupied territories should have the same rights as those of Israeli citizens, this, in his eyes, the only solution.

It is a criminal occupation.

New Zealand should be proud of leading the Resolution 2334.  Moves to reprimand the minister who sponsored the resolution should not be done.  It should stick to its position.

Levy believes there are signs of fascism in Israel.  Opposition against NGOs and intolerance of free speech are early signs that a fascist state is emerging.

At the moment, he only sees the situation worsening, but he continues to have hope.  He hopes the World will prevent the current Apartheid state from being a permanent phenomena.


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