HIT Membership


If you are a traveller from Israel then joining HIT (Hosting for Israeli Travellers) can provide you with a wonderful experience staying with a NZ homestay. Its really economical and allows you to meet New Zealanders and enjoy kiwi hospitality.

Established by Omri Jaakobovich, the HIT program has nearly 400 homes in its network providing accommodation in many cases as low as $NZ 5-15 per person per night.  Some homes even offer kosher meals.

Signing up is easy.  It costs $30 per person for a one year membership and then you receive our latest directory of HIT hosts.  They are located from as far north as Kaitaia all the way down to Invercargill.  Many are even located in smaller townships such as Kurow and Oamaru.

Once a member, its always useful to call and book ahead. Signing up is easy.  Just go to the HIT website.

If you are in Christchurch and need some help of any kind, including finding some accommodation then call HIT agent Rebecca Marchand +64 (21) 0224 2515.  We have back up families who are willing to help out if you are finding it difficult to find a host.