How can I make sense of the Israeli-Gaza Conflict of 2014?

Gaza-RocketHere is a presentation that gives the history of Gaza and looks at the debatable issues that arise from the conflict, including:

  1. How did the Arab-Israeli conflict come about in the first place?
  2. Why is Israel putting Gaza under siege?
  3. Why is Israel attacking Gaza?
  4. Why doesn’t Israel just ignore Hamas since their rockets are so ineffective anyway?
  5. Since Hamas’ rockets are so puny, why does Israel attack on such a heavy handed scale?
  6. Why did Israel escalate things and cause so many civilian casualties by ordering a ground offensive?
  7. Why is Israel targeting civilians?
  8. Why does the UN and many of Israel’s “allies” criticize the way Israel conducts war?
  9. Why is the civilian death toll so high in comparison to combatant casualties?
  10. Why doesn’t Israel leave them alone and let them get on with their lives?

Download the presentation and bibliography.