A Jewish New Zealander’s view on Israel – Israel Institute of NZ

Juliet Moses articulates facts about Zionism and Israel, based on an article that was originally published by Shalom.Kiwi

Source: A Jewish New Zealander’s view on Israel – Israel Institute of NZ


  1. Kevin Herbert

    According to the related Breitbart report, the Curia research showed that 27 per cent of Kiwis believe the New Zealand government was right to co-sponsor the resolution, with 43% unsure thereby totalling 70%……with only 30 per cent believing that the government should have abstained…so 700 of the 1000 Kiwis surveyed believed either the decision was right, or had no view.

    If I’m wrong in my reporting of the Breitbart story, then please send me the Curia research report

    • These are the statistics quoted by the Israel Institute of NZ, the research sponsors: https://israelinstitute.nz/2017/08/strong-kiwi-support-israel-iinz-poll//

      Interpretation of these figures should be contextualized. There is a tremendous amount of ignorance about the Middle East and most New Zealanders are aware of this, hence their reluctance to weigh into the controversy for fear of being mistaken. This is most likely why 43% said they were unsure.

      The first question of a Radio NZ interview of an Israeli journalist during height of the Resolution 2334 controversy reveals the lack of familiarity NZers have with the Arab-Israeli conflict: “Why are the Israelis so upset [over the resolution]?

      NZers are also strong on social justice and this means they are often volunteering for aid agencies. Most of these agencies work amongst Arabs on the West Bank and GAza, and we’ve observed a kind of Stockholm Syndrome going on, which seems to relieve them of all objectivity when it comes to the Arab-Israeli controversy.