Iran Attack: It All Started When Israel Fired Back | Honest Reporting

Over on Honest Reporting, they have been following the story of Israel’s downing of a foreign Drone flying into Israeli airspace.  An Israeli F-16 was subsequently shot down.  They single out the NZ Herald for how they presented the story:

New Zealand Herald: No mention that the drone was flying in Israel, which is really the heart of the story.

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  1. Over at “Honest Reporting” they have been ignoring the many unprovoked attacks Israel has made on Syria.

    They also ignore the Medical help Israel gives to ISIL Terrorists. . . So much that Druze attacked an IDF ambulance carrying terrorists that had recently been Murdering Druze in Syria. . .

    They also ignore the Arms and Munitions that Israel has been giving to ISIL.

    They are no more “Honest Reporting” than I am a Rocket Scientist.

    You folks really need to hitch your wagon to someone who is truely Honest.

    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for your ongoing interest in NZFOI and the content on our website.

      In answer to your recommendation:

      Honest Reporting is an NGO whose stated goal is to “defend Israel from media bias.”

      It isn’t a news agency in its own right, and it isn’t trying to defend Israel’s foreign policy.

      Honest Reporting calls out news items it considers to be biased against Israel. No more, no less.

      Consequently, HR doesn’t focus on alleged Arab Palestinian corruption, PA and Hamas’ coercive and deadly measures to ensure re-election; or alleged Israeli abuses of power.

      If you expect Honest Reporting to act like a regular news agency then you misunderstand what and who they are: An NGO established to comment on media bias, they are not a news agency in their own right.

      Therefore, as an example, if you look like at the last item, they quite rightly state that many headlines make it look like this incident was initiated by Israel, when in fact, the incident began with the incursion of an UAV into Israeli airspace.

  2. To NZ Herald . Why do you make no mention of the reason Israel attacked their neighbors ? A drone was launched from Syria and illegally flown into Israel . The attack was calculated as to effect maximum stress to the population, and at a time when they would not be able to communicate ( Shabbat ) . Israel has told her neighbors what the result of such an act would be, so they should not have been surprised when the launch station for the drone was destroyed .

    Your newspaper should observe what has happened to American media that report falsely . They lose readers/followers, then enter decline because there is alternative media which are reporting the truth, and their popularity is increasing .

    If you cannot report truthfully, get out of the game . do not become the lowlife that CNN and others have . There is no honor, or integrity in them .

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